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On this page, you can find quality content focused on coffee shop furniture suppliers. You can also get the latest products and articles that are related to coffee shop furniture suppliers for free. If you have any questions or want to get more information on coffee shop furniture suppliers, please feel free to contact us.

coffee shop furniture suppliers coffee shop furniture suppliers

Foshan ShengYang Furniture Manufacturer Co.,Ltd. delivers coffee shop furniture suppliers and significant value with unprecedented turnaround times, competitive price levels, and superior quality to customers all over the world. We invest heavily in infrastructure, tools, training and our dedicated employees who genuinely care about the products and the people who use them. Adopting value-based positioning strategy, our brands such as ShengYang restaurant furniture have always been known for their high cost-performance ratio offerings. Now we are expanding international markets and confidently bring our brands to the world.

Made of the well-selected raw materials from our reliable long-term suppliers, our dining furniture exporter is of superior quality assurance. Produced by our sophisticated craftsmanship, the product has the advantages of good durability and high economic value, as well as scientific design. By utilizing state-of-the-art production concepts and technologies, we have successfully saved manpower and resources through rational planning, therefore, it is also very competitive in its price.

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ShengYang Furniture’s focus has always been in offering customers incredible value for their investment. Most products atPinzheng furniture have promising application prospect and tremendous market potential. And they outperform many similar products of the domestic and overseas market. All models we present here meet the requirements of standardization and have overcome some defects of old ones.

coffee shop furniture suppliers in china coffee shop furniture suppliers in china


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Memory Foam Mattress Topper Cover
It is best to use a memory foam mattress topper cover with your memory foam mattress topper. All the good brands selling these toppers also sell covers for them. These covers are available in different materials. However, most of them are made from 100% cotton so as to allow moisture to escape. These covers give a luxurious feel to your bedding, as they are usually very soft due to high thread count of 200 and above.The covers allow your mattress toppers to breathe. This ensures that you neither feel very hot in summers nor very cold in winters while sleeping. If you use these covers, you also increase the lifespan of your toppers as well as your mattresses. This is because it keeps your toppers free from dirt, sweat and body oils. Since, the memory foam is susceptible to early damage due to exposure to body oils, sweat and dirt; these covers enhance the lifespan of your toppers. The cover thus ensures that you get support and comfort from your toppers for long. The covers are available for all topper sizes like king, queen, and twin and single. It is best to buy the cover while buying the topper so that you get the right size. There are different kinds of covers available in the market. The most common one has a zipper to it, so that you can easily cover your toppers with it. These covers are fully washable. Hence, you can always ensure that your bedding is clean. These covers are also useful for people susceptible to allergies. A good cotton cover keeps you dry and cool and protects you from skin allergies and other skin ailments.Many good brands sell antibacterial covers. You can check the wide range of covers available in the market before buying one for yourself. A memory foam mattress topper with cover ensures that you get a comfort and a good night's sleep.
Sfa Design Transforms Macarthur Place From Victorian B&b to Luxe Hotel
Built to be the family estate of one of Sonoma's wealthiest families in 1869, MacArthur Place was a Victorian-style manor that was considered the height of luxury at the time. Since 1997, the manor has operated as a boutique hotel. A new renovation to the property has turned the space into one of Sonoma's chicest new places to stay, changing an old B&B into a stunning 64-key hotel and spa, along with a new restaurant named Layla due to open the first week of May. Still connected to the history of the area and surrounding wine country, the hotel was reimagined by SFA Design, with structural changes by RDC Architecture and experiential branding by Love & War. The remodeled destination is welcoming new guests just in time for its 150th anniversary.As part of a $20 million overhaul, nearly every facet of the six-acre property received an upgrade. Rooms and suites, the reception area, and a food and beverage program led by award-winning executive chef Cole Dickinson are all new. The space was redesigned as a country-style retreat with a modern twist. Think hand-painted tiles and distressed and bleached oak wood floors paired with clean lines, iron accents, and contemporary art."The property had such a quaint historic feel, and in bringing it to a luxurious new level, we sought to maintain the sense of being in the country while enhancing the vibe to be that of modern and exciting design," says Kara Smith, president of SFA Design.In the guest rooms, new doors and windows with leather valances were installed, in addition to fully refinished interiors. SFA Design created a "clean box" aesthetic with linen wallpaper and oversize plaid molding on the ceiling. Bespoke furniture with an over scaled, posh feel dominates; much of it was commissioned from Harbour Outdoor. Pieces include a white oak minibar credenza, inset black granite and faux suede upholstered drawer fronts, portable lighting by Scott Group, illuminated vanity mirrors by Séura, woven benches by JLF, and faux concrete dinette and side tables by Skypad."We have touched just about every square inch of the property, with a goal of transforming MacArthur Place into a five star-level, luxury property," says Justin Bain, director of marketing and brand management at IMH Hospitality. "The six-acre property consists of 20 different buildings, and each one had extensive work. Most were stripped down to the studs and there were even a few new structures added."MacArthur Place is located at 29 E. MacArthur Street in Sonoma. Bookings are available online.
Find Out Right Curtain Rod for Each Different Rooms
If you want to add the real touch to your bedroom or any other room, you ought to be a bit resourceful. If you do not feel confident, then asking for expert help is quite practical, or else you have the option of reading a few articles on window treatment. A house has different rooms with different purposes and you treat every room differently, especially when you go and decorate them. You have clear norms about its characters and features and want to decorate accordingly. For instance, you may never try a heavier decoration for your kitchen or study. Likewise each room has its own features and this is one reason you need to find out different types of curtain rods. Here are a few varieties which you can identify and utilize for your purpose.Single rod curtainsAs the name suggests, such drapery rods comprises of a single rod which holds up the window cloth. Though they come as single rods, you get a variety of styles including different shades and patterns. If you are creative, you can go ahead and give an artwork on to the rod with some paint or any other appropriate material. The best thing about this curtain rod is that they are easy to use with pocket curtains or tie top ones. This type of rods can be used in wash rooms, studies, kitchen, and store rooms.Transverse curtain rodsIf you have a home office, a transverse curtain rod can style the window perfectly. This rod has a pulley system with which you can open and close the drapery effortlessly. This provides convenience to the user. As you are not pulling the cloth every so often, it remains fresh and intact. You may find a wide spectrum of traverse rods easily and you can find out the one which goes well with the window pane designs.Double/triple rodsWell, this is designed for heavier drapery which usually adorns your living room or hallways. This will help you to have layered and patterned curtains. By selecting this decorative curtain rod, you are bringing a great style to your room. They look classy and elegant. This is commonly used for living rooms and bed rooms.Tension rodsThis type of rod is made with springs which help; the drapery to say in its place. Also, there are no worries about drooping or sagging. They perfectly remain in its place and give a decent look to the drapery panel. This is a type of rod that can be used anywhere you want provided you select the one which holds up the weight of drapery.Magnetic rodsIf you choose to use a metal frame for your window, then it is great to have magnetic rods. For such rods, strong magnets are used so that they help in supporting the draperies perfectly. However, light weighted fabrics would be appropriate for magnetic rods. This rod is good for kid's room or study room.
Council Exploring 'tiny House' Village Idea
Two Mount Maunganui woman want to create New Zealand's first tiny house village in Tauranga. Bobbie Cornell is a Kiwi-born architect who worked in Hong Kong and China before settling in Tauranga. She turned to tiny houses as a way to put a roof over her kids' heads without a lifelong mortgage. Melissa Cox was burned in the collapse of the United States housing market in 2008. She and her husband bought a house nine months before the bubble burst. They stuck it out for eight years before selling at a big loss and moving to New Zealand. "I won't make the same mistake twice," she said. The women met through a tiny house Facebook group. They started imagining a village of beautiful little houses where people shared resources and a common sense of community - enjoying less stuff and more life - in the city they love. Definitions vary. For the village, it could be anything from a 17sq m house on (if allowed by council) a trailer, to a permanently-sited granny flat up to 59sq m. Mrs Cox and Ms Cornell hope for a mix of houses to suit people of all ages and life stages. "Small doesn't mean cheaply made, or cramped, or unattractive, or a lack of privacy. We're going to be the cutest little village you've ever seen," Mrs Cox said. They said the dwellings would essentially look like little houses - so house trucks, housebuses and caravans wouldn't fit the bill. Built to building code and designed for permanent living, the tiny houses would have double glazing, wall and floor insulation, kitchens, bathrooms. They could be made to connect to local services, or be off-grid. Inside a tiny house, space is used more efficiently than in a regular house. Think multi-functional furniture, fold-out dining tables and couches with internal storage. Rebecca Bartlett of Tiny House Builders, which has a workshop in Katikati, said she had huge interest in her showhome at the recent Tauranga Home Show. "I could have sold it four or five times over." The 21sq m showhome on a 3x7m trailer is fully insulated, and features two-bedroom lofts, a 900sq m shower and a kitchen with all the usual amenities. "A tiny house will be warmer and cosier and drier than any house you've ever been in," she said. A meeting of tiny house enthusiasts in Tauranga early this year had standing room only, Mrs Cox said. Students, young couples, families, immigrants, widows - people from diverse walks of life were interested in living smaller, more collaboratively and escaping Tauranga's high house prices. Te Puna man Leo Murray, who is midway through building his tiny house, supports the village idea as a way to build a more connected and resilient community. "When people share and collaborate the fabric of community always seems to weave together more tightly," he said. "Tiny houses speak to the fact that people are not consumption machines, and can live their lives without spending 25 to 30 years paying off a mortgage." To Mrs Cox and Ms Cornell, there was an obvious need for alternative housing. They started talking to both the Tauranga District Council and Western Bay District Council. Staff and elected members from both councils had been "wonderful" and very receptive to the idea, they said. Tauranga deputy mayor Kelvin Clout was keen to explore the idea, and organised for the woman to speak at a meeting of interested councillors and staff. A tiny house village could be a realistic alternative to the traditional housing market, or a way to get on the housing ladder, he said. It would also help the council meet Government housing targets.City plan obstacles Cr Clout said the first obstacle was the city plan requirement of a minimum lot size of 325sq m per dwelling in most areas of the city. Mrs Cox and Ms Cornell wanted to allow 150-200sq m per 17-59sq m tiny house, starting with a dozen or so houses. The second obstruction was that tiny houses on wheels were classed as caravans, meaning they couldn't be used as permanent homes. "Both obstacles require a city plan change," Cr Clout said. "When we do a city plan change there is a lot of consulting. People are going to say 'not in my backyard'," he said. The council would have to balance those perspectives. Cr Clout said past plan changes had taken one to two years, but Special Housing Area legislation could move things along faster.Searching for land For planning to properly begin, they need land. Rural land was available, but largely ruled out due to, among other things, the extensive development requirements and roading burden. For Mrs Cox and Ms Cornell, a minimum 2000sq m residentially-zoned site in walking distance to schools and amenities was the dream. It couldn't have the restrictive covenants present on a lot of developer land in Tauranga, and had to be affordable to lease long-term or buy. Cr Clout said the council was looking into council-owned land that could be leased for a village - ideally somewhere without sensitive neighbours. "It needs to be clear that this will not be like a commune. They are keen to become part of the local community, enriching it," he said. "We are not going to be a dirty crowded commune," Mrs Cox said. "We will have rules, we will have aesthetic guidelines and we will have self-government and community outreach. We're going to be great neighbours. "We are happy that the councils are working with us. It's going to be adorable and sustainable, but we need the land."
Interior Sliding Glass Doors for the Modern Home Or Office
Sliding glass doors are a beautiful addition to any home. They are great for both the inside and the outside of the house. They can be used for closets, bedrooms, back doors, etc.These doors are very safe, even if you have children in the house. They are easy to open and close and need little maintenance. They are made of thick glass that is very difficult to break; it is usually 5mm to 7mm thick. They usually are constructed using laminated safety glass for added protection.Sliding glass doors are easy to open and close and feature a very quiet operation. High quality sliding glass doors are very unlikely to become loose on their tracks as they make use of a special locking system.These doors may be locked in both their open and closed states. They may be locked with a key in order to provide security, or locked for convenience by the simple pull of a lever.Sliding glass doors are constructed using the following parts: a head, sill, insulated glass, hardware, and a jamb. The head is the main horizontal piece that serves as the top frame of the sliding glass door. The sill forms the bottom of the sliding glass door frame.The insulated glass may be composed of two or more hermetically sealed panes of glass. If you would like to increase insulation in your home, these panes of glass may be layered with argon gas which can increase the doors' ability to retain heat.This is great for those winter months when heating bills can get so high. The hardware part of sliding glass doors is what is used to open and close the doors. Finally, the jamb is the entire patio door frame.Sliding glass doors have been improved significantly since they were first invented. Today's models feature energy efficiency, durability, safety, and beauty. Sliding doors may be constructed of either aluminum or wood, each having their own pros and cons.Aluminum doors naturally are more durable and provide for better security, but wood doors are much more fashionable. Wood doors will also be much more vulnerable to moisture, so make sure you apply a durable finish.As a third option, you may choose fiberglass doors that are constructed so that they resemble wood but don't warp or crack as real wood is prone to do.The wood, aluminum, or fiberglass only form the frame of the doors however, as you know the main part of any sliding glass door is glass. Seek glass that has a high quality glaze. Most sliding glass doors feature this so it is not difficult to find.Most sliding glass doors will feature dual glazing and/or argon gas filling. There are various kinds of glass that is used in these doors, so look carefully at what is available to you so that you can make the best decision.Remember, you don't have to stick to just one simple design. If you keep this in mind when purchasing your sliding glass doors you are certain to make the best choice.
South Australia Considers Ban on All Single-use Plastic Products
Ditching single-use shopping bags is just the beginning. There are more things we can do to help reduce the amount of synthetic non-biodegradable rubbish in our landfill.State looking to ban all single-use plastics.Source:istockSouth Australians may soon be banned from using a range of single-use plastics as the government considers a major crackdown.Plastic items such as straws, cutlery, shopping bags and coffee cups are on the chopping block after the state's Environment Minister, David Speirs, released two discussion papers on the issue yesterday.One deals with the possible single-use plastic ban and the other is a review of the state's container deposit scheme reviewing what sort of containers should be included and whether the refund amount should be revised.There are a variety of alternatives for single use plastic items, such as metal straws.Source:istockMr Speirs said it was important to keep the impact of single-use plastics at the forefront of conversation so South Australia could continue to be the national leader in recycling."I am keen to keep South Australia at the forefront of these areas, and to maintain this position while also increasing economic activity," Mr Speirs said."Plastic is a valuable material, integral to modern life. But when littered, it ruins our environment's pristine image, and harms marine and terrestrial life."There is a growing global trend towards doing away with plastics and Mr Speirs said it was important for South Australia to keep up.LET'S TACKLE SINGLE USE PLASTICS! I want to hear from you! Tell me what you think of a ban on single use plastics in...The European Union announced its intention on October to ban a range of plastic items."We can take more immediate local action on items that are designed and intended for disposal after only a single use, are prone to being littered, are unlikely to be recycled and for which more sustainable alternatives are available," Mr Speirs said.Mr Speirs' paper, entitled "Turning the tide on single-use plastic products", suggests a ban on these products be implemented the same way single-use plastic bags were banned at check-outs across the state in 2009.Plastic lined coffee cups would be among the items ousted under the ban.Source:News LimitedSwitching from lightweight shopping bags to reusable ones has resulted in 400 million bags being removed from circulation in South Australia, according to the paper.The paper seeks views from the community and business on what they consider are the problems associated with plastic products, alternatives and if there is a need for government intervention.Environmental groups, including Conservation SA, have welcomed the government's move."Despite this, the recent State of the Environment Report shows that per capita waste in SA still increased by over 40 per cent over the last five years," chief executive Craig Wilkins said."It's time for stronger action."
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Led Light Book
1. What is causing a white scale buildup at copper pin connection on LED light sticks and how can they be cleaned?Copper is a material that corrodes, just like any other. When copper corrodes, it will turn into copper carbonate (Cu2CO3(OH)2), but near the sea it might become copper chloride (Cu2(OH)3Cl) as well. When water is involved, like in your case, there may be an effect called efflorescence. Efflorescence "is the migration of a salt to the surface of a porous material, where it forms a coating". This usually forms in a crystal form, since it's formed of salt. This is what creates the white buildup sometimes found on water pipes for example: your case it's the same:So basically, you're getting water infiltration. The easiest solution to solve this is using dielectric grease. Or get a better seal for your electronics.------2. where to buy best and cheapest LED panels lighting?LED panel light uses high brightness LED as light source, which is suitable for hotel, bar,western restaurant, coffee shop, home interior decoration, interior lighting, and can directly replace the original ordinary fluorescent lamps, and its brightness is higher. Main performance and features of the LED instrument panel lights are as follows: LED panel lights are designed to be flexible LED is a point like luminous body, the designers design a variety of different shapes,different particles of the light source according to customer requirements by the flexible combination of point, line and surface, the design is very flexible. LED panel lighting illumination is high LED panel lights use uniform light-emitting reflective panel and sealed design, coupled with efficient light guide plate, and aluminum alloy material. Glow is even and illumination ishigher.------3. led lights for aquarium?Maybe you can search in the Internet,the network to find suppliers is a tide, can easily find it. But you should pay attention to some skills. LED light aquarium can be installed inside aquariums to supply lighting effects to the fish as well as plants. Theyre usually designed such as a long, slim stick, that might be positioned over head or even in back of the fish tank. Additionally, electronic shops offer LED spotlights which have been designed like a shower-head. These are also available in more compact, node-like lamps which have been divided through various shades of diodes. Give some details about the led lights for aquarium. There is also a website which is specialized in the led lights for aquarium.Hopping the websites can give a little help for you.------4. Should the use of LED light bulbs be banned in automobile headlights?If by "LED bulbs" you mean aftermarket replacement parts for halogen headlights, those are already technically violating the law because using those bulbs, which have a different shape for the light emitting surfaces compared to the factory lamp change the angular distribution of the headlight in a way that causes the headlight pattern to no longer comply with DOT rules (headlight intensity becomes to high and too much light is thrown above horizontal). Is a similar problem as illegal HID conversion kits that were popular 10 years ago.I'd like to see more enforcement of current rules against the use of dazzling lights. But I wouldn't ban an entire technology (LEDs) when said technology *can* be designed in a way that doesn't have those problems.Should the use of LED light bulbs be banned in automobile headlights?------5. Is using a (non-touch-screen) Kindle on Shabbat permitted?Aside from the electricity needed to change pages, I think the melacha that e-ink runs into is Tzovei'a (dyeing). You are not allowed to paint things, and color things, and dye things on Shabbat.The Kindle uses an Electrophoretic display, where basically, reflective titanium particles are suspended in a dark fluid. They are electrically charged to move to the from the front sheet of the display where they would appear white, to the back of sheet of the display, letting us see the dark ink. Pressing a button sends an electric signal to change their charges.That being said, there is a possibility that it is not dyeing.On transition eye-glass lenses, Chacham Ovadia said that they are permissible since it is not a normal way to dye.------6. Which LED light manufacturer do you think is the most trusted among other manufacturer?LEDs emit easy in a particular direction, lowering the will for reflectors and diffusers which could seize easy. this selection makes LEDs greater effective for many makes use of including recessed downlights and activity lighting fixtures. With different varieties of lighting fixtures, the sunshine would desire to be contemplated to the needed direction and greater desirable than a million/2 of the sunshine would in no way leave the fixture. the sunshine would desire to be of extraordinary coloration, with a brightness a minimum of as super as customary easy supplies and performance a minimum of as super as fluorescent lighting fixtures. The LEDs would desire to additionally eliminate darkness from promptly whilst grew to become on, shouldn't flicker whilst dimmed and should no longer consume any means whilst grew to become off------7. Can I connect an LED light fixture to a 240 volt oulet?Below is based on US 120V/240V system:An ordinary device (not talking about a tester that has access to hot/neutral/ground) can't actually tell the difference between hot/hot vs. hot/neutral. There is no polarity in AC as there is in DC. From a practical standpoint, it comes down to voltage requirements:So for a device that can use the entire range 120V to 240V (e.g., 100V - 277V), either one will work just fine. The exceptions come in three flavors:Bottom line: If the device (light fixture but sometimes other things such as computer power supplies) only uses two wires (plus ground, of course) and has flexible voltage (from 240V) then you can connect it to two hots instead of hot neutral------8. Low cost reptile lighting/LED lighting?First, you need to understand why you need the lighting in the first place. Does the reptile need full spectrum lighting for health, such as the absorption of calcium? Or does it just need light for day and night length cycles? It is easy enough to assemble an LED lighting system if you buy the pieces individually off electronic suppliers on the internet. You can buy the individual bulbs and electronic boards to arrange them in. Solder them together in a linear or pairwise fashion, depending on how efficient you want to current to be and how much soldering you want to do, then supply electricity. Price-wise though, this can still be a little much. Almost all LED systems have to be assembled by hand, which accounts for most of the cost.------9. Fog Light LED doesnt fit within housing?basically on the returned the place they do some thing clever. I even have had automobiles with fog lights furniture on the front as many times happening equipment yet under no circumstances observed any benefit over using the dipped head lamps. i think they might help oncoming motorists to be certain you in dense fog yet, if the fog is thick sufficient for that to count, all human beings must be going very slowly besides so as that they are going to see you in rather some time. in the united kingdom it rather is unlawful to apply fog lights furniture different than in fog. some human beings nonetheless do it it relatively is stressful yet has the earnings of offering a warning different highway shoppers that the offending automobile is being pushed via a tosser------10. HDD Blinking LED light?Typically the electronics of the device may be corrupt or it may even be a hardware problem and something has come loose. To fix this problem send the device in to have it checked if its still under warranty. Or for a do-it-yourself solution, you can replace the external case of the portable hard drive with something sturdier or more reliable. The first thing that usually, "goes", in portable drives is the interface connector between the cable and the drive. The flashing lights usually indicate power, and hard drive operation. In your scenario it seems to be indicating a code of a sort and it may be an indication of a hardware malfunction. Read the suggestion or fix indicate on their website regarding the flashing code this indicator may be indicating.------11. What gauge wire for long run from power supply to LED light strip?Is 5050 the model number or the quantity of leds?The cable you linked to looks very lightweight - you don't need a lot of copper to run leds directly off of low voltage DC but you do need to handle it a lot during installation.I would get something heavier, just for the mechanical advantage. 16AWG stranded 300 volt should do nicely, the voltage rating is to get thicker insulation. You can get spools of it in many colours from any electronics supplier (not electrical, "electronics") in the local phone book. Also pick up an automatic wire stripper and a decent crimping tool while you are there - the common stamped-steel crimpers do NOT do a good job, and you don't want to have to get in behind the walls twice------12. My HP Pavillion a1140n will not power up. The led light does not come on, but the disk drive lights up.?in basic terms unlawful to rigidity with highbeams in the direction of oncoming site visitors. It creates a protection probability - by potential of blinding oncoming drivers. Flashing your lighting fixtures furnishings, no remember if intense beams or perhaps in simple terms turning your lighting fixtures furnishings on and rancid is likewise unlawful. lower back, it ought to create a protection probability by potential of blinding or perhaps complicated different drivers. additionally, flashing lighting fixtures furnishings are reserved for emergency automobiles in basic terms. it extremely is the regulation, even nonetheless i do no longer think of a cop grant you with a cost tag for flashing your lighting fixtures furnishings. yet, you will get a cost tag for driving mutually with your intense beams on, in case you get caught------13. How do I wire LED light based zone for DALI dimming? closedNearly all drivers on the market will only occupy one "short address" even if they can drive multiple LEDs, lamps or tubes, so they will drive them to the same level. Any driver which is different, occupying multiple "short addresses" would probably make that clear in their information since it is unusual although valid.How you split up your downlights over different drivers depends on what level of control you want. If you will never need to control the downlights independently, then you can wire them all to the biggest driver you can find, or in groups limited by the driver capability but either way, in broadcast mode, all together. If you want individual downlight control, you need an address per downlight, which means a driver per downlight, and some way of setting up the addresses------14. What is a convex polyhedron?As other have said, a convex shape is one where the straight line connecting any two points is entirely within the shape.The Euler characteristic tells you something about the topological shape of the solid in question. By topological I mean you can distort things without changing the Euler characteristic, but no cutting or gluing. So a tetrahedron or a cube are essentially the same shape - you can make either out of a ball of putty just by flattening appropriate places - and have the same Euler characteristic. But if you imagine drilling a square hole through a cube, this would make a different type of solid - instead of a ball, it's sort of like a donut - and this has a different Euler characteristic (you should find $FV-E0$, not $2$)------15. Why does a LED light up in reverse direction at a DC generator worked by a falling objectYour diode is acting as a Flyback Diode, also called an "inductive kickback" diode.When current is flowing through the inductor (motor, generator, etc), a magnetic field is maintained. When the circuit is no longer excited the field collapses, which acts to oppose the change in current. This created a voltage spike ("inductive kick") on the previously-negative side of the inductor.The LED is the easiest path for current to flow, to alleviate the high voltage. What you are seeing is the inductive kick being snubbed by that LED.In electronics, any time you are switching an inductive load, you need to put these diodes in place. The kick can (and will) destroy transistors, MOSFETs, and even relays contacts. Usually you use a Schottky diode, because of the lower forward voltage. But then you can't see it light up :).
Secrets of House Flippers
When it comes to revving up a home's curb appeal, house flippers, remodelers and stagers have the inside track. Rather than spend a fortune to make a home a standout in the current real estate market, go for the tricks professionals use that give the most bang for the renovation buck."Most houses have been lived in by families for years," says Raymond Derrien, a house flipper in Sea Cliff, N.Y. "When they go to sell, it's very dated." The solution is to remove elements of what's outmoded. It could be as simple as a fresh, neutral-toned paint job, changing the knobs on the kitchen cabinets, replacing a vanity top or getting rid of the curtains."People make a mistake when selling a house and they have all these heavy drapes," Derrien offers as an example. "That is not in the vernacular of today." Remodeling Magazine's "2011-12 Cost Vs. Value Report," a nationwide survey conducted with Realtor Magazine and, compared the estimated cost and the amount that can be recouped on 35 different remodeling jobs. The results showed that it's not necessarily the most extensive remodeling projects that provide many happy returns. A new front entry door, minor kitchen and bathroom remodels, creating an attic bedroom and replacing the garage door are among the low-budget yet high-yielding home improvement projects that may even make you want to stay put for a while.David Peterson, operations manager and project coordinator for in Portland, Ore., said that buyers are attracted to homes that are blemish-free, "Q-Tip clean" and move-in ready. "Busy, dated wallpaper can feel distracting and overwhelming to potential buyers," he says, an immediate turn-off. "Removing wallpaper, painting walls, changing light fixtures, adding hardware to cabinets, and de-cluttering" help update a house and make it "more appealing to potential buyers," he adds.For a kitchen remodel, replacing "that 1970s look" of laminate countertops by switching to quartz or granite may do the trick without the larger expense of changing kitchen cabinets. New stainless steel appliances also help. "You will collect that back in the end. It will make the price higher," says Vita Burdi, a kitchen and bath designer and an owner of DJ's Home Improvements in Valley Stream, N.Y. "Redo it enough that they'll say they can live with it for 10 years and then do it," Burdi says. "You won't have to cut your price and you haven't done a tremendously costly renovation." Otherwise, she says, buyers will complain that the kitchen needs a redo, and "shave $50,000 off their offer."There really is gold - and living space - in the attic. Instead of using it as a storage catch-all for luggage, old clothes or a discarded crib, converting attic space under the eaves into a stylish - and private - bedroom is one of the top and easiest ways to maximize living space. "If you want a cozy private space, that is a good place to get it," says Stewart Davis, the principal architect and design director of CG&S Design Build in Austin, Texas. "You are infilling space that is already there."Here's a look at remodeling projects with a great payback.Project: New Front DoorTypical cost: Under $1,300Secret: Bright colors impressPayback: 73%Knock, knock. What's more inviting than what buyers see first? A welcoming new front door, preferably steel and in sassy hues like red, tangerine or indigo blue can make a snazzy first impression. A well-insulated low-cost steel entry door that seals like a refrigerator "is the threshold to the kingdom," says Carl DiPresso, a project design specialist for the Major Homes Corp., renovation specialists in Williston Park and Bayside, N.Y.DiPresso adds, "The front door is the most important thing in selling a home that people overlook."Project: Attic BedroomTypical cost: About $50,000Secret: No need to add onPayback: 72.5%An eyebrow dormer in the attic provides light and space for a teenager's private retreat or a cozy master bedroom, complete with its own bath and dressing area. Using space that is already there doesn't impinge on the yard, though room for a staircase was carved from a ground floor office and hallway."If you build it under the rafters, it gives you a comfortable protective feeling to be underneath that sloped roof, says Davis of CG&S, creator of the attic hideaway. "It's a whole different feeling than being in a 9-foot ceiling room." While there is expense in moving around HVAC equipment and other utilities, the resale value is great. Project: Minor kitchen remodelTypical cost: Under $20,000Secret: Bling makes a differencePayback: 72.1 percentSkip new cabinetry, often the most expensive part of a kitchen makeover. Instead, says Burdi of DJ's Home Improvements, clean them up, then swap an outdated 1970s mica countertop for quartz or granite. "Once you put in a stone countertop and put in an undermount sink, you hide the age of the kitchen." Then add kitchen bling - new glam knobs and pulls on the cabinets, a brushed nickel faucet and soap dispenser along with a new stacked-stone-style glass tile, metal and slate backsplash that "dazzles and pops." For far less than a total redo, such kitchen jewelry "makes the kitchen look young again," Burdi says. Project: Bathroom remodelTypical cost: $16,552 full remodel; $500 minor remodelSecret: Removing busy wallpaperPayback: 62.2 % full; 172% minorBusy, dated wallpaper makes a home feel less move-in ready, said Peterson of Synergy Staging. Removing the wallpaper and painting the walls a soft, neutral shade allows buyers to enjoy the spaciousness and serenity of the room. Installing a new light fixture and replacing the faucet add to the transformation. Project: Garage doorsTypical cost: $1,512Secret: Style mattersPayback: 71.9%Swapping an old colonial door for a modern linear model is key to transforming a nondescript high ranch into a mid-century modern home, says home flipper Derrien. When it comes to curb appeal, garage doors take up to 20 percent of a home's façade, expressing style and a home's personality. Choose heavy duty, low maintenance, energy-efficient steel doors over wood in carriage-house style, wrought-iron ornamental doors or with a clean, simple, contemporary look. Personalize with windows, colors and decorative hardware.
The Latest Trends in Sandal Fashions
What will the well-dressed foot be wearing this summer? The hottest new sandal trend for summer 2008 is a throwback to older times. Gladiator sandals, inspired by the strappy cutout and wrap styles worn in ancient times have taken the fashion magazines and runways by storm for the past two years, and this year they explode onto the fashion scene with styles from some of the hottest makers of fashion footwear.Gladiator sandals feature multiple straps across your foot, and range in style from sturdy to dainty, depending on the material and thickness of the straps. Darker colors such as black and various shades of brown are current favorites as well. It should also be noted that although rugged in concept, a more delicate profile can be achieved with gladiator sandals that lace across your foot and tie around the ankle.While gladiators are all over the high fashion runways this season, the most popular sandals with the everyday fashion maven are far less complicated. A popular sandal currently are the Cleo style from Croc's, an open two-strap slip-on style that cradles the foot in comfort and offers casual appeal in a style that's somewhere between chic and office-acceptable. Low-heeled and fitted, the style is a great choice for just about any summer activity. The Cleo is not the only Croc top seller in the line either. Standard Croc Cayman clogs are a huge seller again this summer, in some of the most eye-popping colors that ever graced a foot.Reef's Seaside sandal is another big seller. The toe-strap thong is a classically styled summer perennial with arch support, making it a huge favorite. The Seaside comes in a huge selection of colors and materials, and is inexpensive enough that you can pick up a variety to go with all of your favorite summer outfits. You can even buy them in two-pair variety packs. Funky pink and gray camouflage, as well as bright, plaid-and-pastel combo flip-flops are popular color choices and are so hot they may be the coolest shoe for the summer season.What would a top five sandals list be without Uggs? Uggs entry into the summer footwear fashion bag this year is the Fluffie, a wonderfully fun thong style with rubber t-strap and shearling sheep wool upper to keep your foot comfy, cool and dry. These are among Uggs' top summer sellers perennially, with a thick rubber sole that walks like clouds and wears like iron.For something a little dressier, Softspot's top seller this summer is their Virginia style, a delightfully sophisticated sling-back sandal with a mid-size posted heel. In black, brown, tan, white and red, the Virginia is ideal for wearing with skirts, dresses, jeans, slacks and shorts. Of course, it is more than just style that makes the Virginia so popular. The slender sling strap conceals a hidden elastic strap for perfect fit, and the memory foam foot pad makes these sandals a pure joy to wear. The Virginia is a popular sandal style for office and corporate wear, with its sleek, fashionable and sophisticated styling and the pure luxurious comfort of the memory foam insole.If you are looking for a sandal that makes a bold fashion statement, there are many brands which manufacture comfortable and fashionable sandals. The Raya is a classically dressy flat sandal without a toe post, for those who cannot abide that rubbing between the toes. The double-strap slip-on is accented with a chrome ring that provides a flashy contrast to the bright patent leather uppers. It is available in funky colors including a turquoise blue, a bright orange and a dark, shiny red. The low stacked heel is incredibly comfortable, thanks to the core of gum rubber, and the padded insole offers a bit of cushioning to make you feel like you are walking on clouds.Softspots Tatianna style offers a feminine and flirty huarache styled sandal in a variety of colors. The close-toed strappy style is fashionable and office-casual, perfect for wear in situations that do not allow for the bare-to-there summer styles offered by many others. The mid-height stacked heel is the perfect compromise between fashion and comfort, and the pillow-top cushioned insole makes these the most comfortable summer shoes you will wear. The closed heel and toe offer additional protection for your feet without looking boring or old-fashioned. They are ideal for wearing on a cruise vacation, work well with your office clothes and are comfortable enough to be worn on a hike or out dancing.
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